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Coping with Self-Quarantine

So called “self”-quarantine is consuming me. I was thinking about the flexibility of the “Working from Home” concept but I never knew I won’t have time to pee during a routine day. Especially, on earlier days, I couldn’t even step outside to get some fresh air before losing sunlight or thaw weather. And I live in a tiny apartment…

So, what to do? What’s helping me so far? Let’s list them!

1. Adopt a pet!

Well, it might not be a dog, or cat, or even a real animal… Go for a pocket monster! Pokemon Go is a really good motivator to step out, catch some Pokemons, spin some PokeStops and count some steps to hatch your eggs. Be careful to keep your distance with anyone out there!

2. Scavenger hunt

And you have only 1 list. Drive to your nearby parks, trails or any outdoor area that you can keep away from people. Find one that is not occupied with any other potential Covid-19 spreaders…

3. Learn something nuevo

Owl. That owl. Start easy, or go crazy. Spanish sounds easy, but believe me, I don’t think you’ll like female and male nouns, adjectives, verbs, everything has a gender in Spanish! Ugh! Download Duolingo, start learning a language, have fun with it.

5. Learn {something new}

Ever wanted to understand how computers work, or how developers’ mind grinds? Awesome, you can find many great entry level courses, or if you really want to create a website, an app, or even an Alexa Skill, you can directly start there. For Alexa Skills, there are blueprints you can copy+paste+edit+publish! For a mobile app, Thunkable is pretty easy to start, with drag and drop “coding” you feel like a child building a Lego Technic set. Website? Start from or; there free blogs for you, just start playing around to customize.

6. Make it count

Talking about counting, we skipped 4, did you notice? You’re at home all day, make sure you have a proper working environment setup, invest in your posture, remind yourself to go to the kitchen to grab a cup of your preferred drink. Block your calendar for at least 45 minutes so you can take a deep breath without instant messages. Identify your clutter, get rid of that semi-working pen, find a proper place for your latest tech toy, tidy up. Finally, embrace your working space, and be thankful that you still have a job, and you’re safe at home.

7. Improvement projects

Found any supplies in the basement? Those yarns you bought couple years ago to knit a scarf, or wood burning kit to show your artistic side. Well, now it’s time to take a stab at it. Go for it. Worst case, start cooking, try a new recipe, improve your favorite recipe, and eat healthy!

8. Spoil yourself

You’re still healthy, still have a beating heart. Enjoy each breath. Shut your eyes, take a deep breath, appreciate the functioning lung! Then, tonight, pour yourself a glass of vine, or take out the cocktail prep kits and make your night colorful, put some music on. Re-watch your favorite movie, or finally start the all-time-best TV show Breaking Bad.

Stay sane, stay safe out there!

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