COVID-19 at the age of 34.9

What the heck guys? I see people buying tons of TP. Yes, that’s for toilet paper. For noo reason. They’re stocking up. Everyone is a weird panic mode, while the rest is enjoying themselves in bars, and restaurants.

Today is my BIRTHDAY! I had to cancel my reservations to a lovely restaurant, selected the best of CT, due to this social distancing strategy. Also, my fiance got another brunch reservation of an upscale restaurant for my birthday, but no, instead we enjoyed a breakfast, and a lunch at home.

Didn’t we go out? We did. We counted steps to get some fresh air, crossing the street when we someone coming towards us or sanitizing our hands as we touch anywhere on our journey. We even sanitize doorknobs for others too!

That’s the most amount of fun, but then people are buying stuff in bulk, stocking their basements. Coming so close to others in these markets, with long queues at the cashiers. And this is not even the beginning yet. We don’t have that many cases seen in Connecticut, so far, thanks goodness!

Now, I am thinking of stocking as well, because of these hoarder idiots, I won’t be able to find supplies… Still being a sane person, I have enough to get me through 2 weeks, while I’ll be working from home, and taking occasional walks out in the woods keeping away from people.

If we keep acting like this, acting like this is not important, we’ll get hit hard. See what happened in Italy… Now Spain is not doing so great either. Please, stop going out, stop socializing in person! Do NOT stock for YEARS to come, just get enough, and leave for others too.

I really like to think that I’ll enjoy the summer time, but we gotta work together to stop this thing circulating. Do like what I do, start a blog and start typing, find a hobby, read that book you’ve been postponing, watch Breaking Bad once again… But whatever you do, stay safe, let others be safe too!

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