eBay user? You better know this tool…

Yea, I know, it’s more like a click bait title, but seriously… If you already know this tool, feel free to take off:

eBay sniper

If not, welcome to this post. As you know, eBay recently sold their classifieds business to somebody else, and they’re losing market share to Amazon and Walmart pretty quickly. However, sellers like us are still on eBay, trying to sell the excessive stuff in their home and make some bucks to buy more unnecessary goodies 😀

While eBay let’s you define the maximum bid you’d like to have on one of the auctions, as other bidders increase their bids, you see yourself outbid real quick. However, if you leave your bidding to the last second, you can surprise the competition, and they wouldn’t have a chance to react to your bid. Sure, I lost many bids while trying to type in my password when the counter was at 10 seconds… Or mistyped a huge amount and still got the auction with more than what I was willing for.

Well, eBay sniper is here for you. You set the auction sniping up, and it bids at the last second and takes it away from all others! Today I just won a lens 15% lower than it’s sale price. Thanks to eBay sniper and their “first 3 snipe is free” deal. Why don’t you try it for yourself?

Oh, if you signup with the link below, I get 5 more free snipes. Wanna help out a fellow eBay’er?

Sign up here:

eBay sniper

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