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This is the first step in our Free! series. It all starts with a place you’d like to call Home…-page.

Well, we said it’ll be free, sooo, breaker of the bad news; currently the only way to acquire an address for free is using a subdomain. Subdomain is whatever comes before the domain; like Hosting providers will get you an subdomain for free, when I started, it was for a while. It’s a bit more lame, but totally useful and a great starting point.

But don’t sweat, I have better options for you… Let’s start with some history…

There was Tokelau Islands’ domain service which they offered, like and it was free. Then, it transformed to where you can get tk, ml, ga, cf, or gq domains. Here’s a screenshot how I’m trying to register

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1024x702.png

Unfortunately, as you can see above, even the paid ones are no longer available. I guess they’re out of the game. {a tear just left my left eye}

No worries! I got good news! Depending on when you’re reading this article, there might be a deal going on for a random domain, like the one from Search for “porkbun free domain” on Google:

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Yep, it’s free, can be yours for $0/first year! I just got 15 minutes ago. Next year, it’ll cost around $35 bucks, but for a whopping three hundred sixty five days, you can enjoy this free domain offer at the easy-on-the-eyes website of

Oh, they require a payment method though, their game is all about wishing that you’d love their services and stick around for more. A great starting point, and if you can pull your website off in a year, who knows, maybe you’d be able to afford that domain.

Assuming we don’t have these deals at this very moment, you can still proceed to the next step, signing up for a free hosting and use their subdomain.

There’s still short URLs like my that offers subdomains, so you can have instead of; saving some characters for your visitors.

This service provides a nice selection of subdomains, in this example you’d have (I know, not the best, but hey, it’s Free!)

Drop down a comment if you like a subdomain and an [email protected] email, I’ll help you out!

Stay tuned for the next article!

How to Start your Website for Free!

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