When you install the app, only the necessary data is being collected, so the app can work:

  • The item information that you’ve typed when using /marketplace add [what you have typed here]
  • To keep things unique, the date stamp is added when /marketplace add is used.
  • The username is also kept in the database so we can let your coworkers that you have a list for sale
  • The data is updated when you mark an item as sold using /marketplace sold [what you have typed before] so we don’t show your unavailable item when a coworker makes a search

That’s pretty much it, let’s cover the rest:

  • Nothing recorded when you search using /marketplace search [anything you search for]
  • No personal information as name, profile photo etc is captured at all

If you prefer to get all your data deleted, please go to Marketplace Support and reach out; to delete all data for a company, you need to be the Slack Admin where you have the ability to delete the applications.