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Marketplace is a simple Slack Bot enabling Slack users to list their items for sale, and let anyone search them with keywords. A quick case, Volkan wants to sell his Canon camera, he uses the slack command “/marketplace add canon camera $200”. And when Hakan is searching for a camera for sale, all he needs do to is use the search command: “/marketplace search camera” and Volkan’s item will be displayed. He then, can send a message to Volkan and iron out the details. Marketplace app will also send a message to #marketplace, #for-sale, #random or whichever channel is selected at the time of the installation (up to the Slack Admin).

Let’s make it a bit more visual:

marketplace slack bot help how to use

And when Volkan sells the item to Hakan, all he needs to do is mark his item as sold, so it’s no longer in the search results: “/marketplace sold canon camera”

Add it to your Slack workspace now:

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