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I started using Blogger waaaay earlier, than did the switch to WordPress, stepped back to HTML, played around with static content generations, used “instant site generators”, and so forth.

The easiest option is blogger but it looks ugly. Pretty ugly… Wanna see how can it look the best; checkout


COVID-19 at the age of 34.9

What the heck guys? I see people buying tons of TP. Yes, that’s for toilet paper. For noo reason. They’re stocking up. Everyone is a weird panic mode, while the rest is enjoying themselves in bars, and restaurants.

Today is my BIRTHDAY! I had to cancel my reservations to a lovely restaurant, selected the best of CT, due to this social distancing strategy. Also, my fiance got another brunch reservation of an upscale restaurant for my birthday, but no, instead we enjoyed a breakfast, and a lunch at home.