Personal Website

And maybe a bit professional as well. But mostly personal.

I started using Blogger waaaay earlier, than did the switch to WordPress, stepped back to HTML, played around with static content generations, used “instant site generators”, and so forth.

The easiest option is blogger but it looks ugly. Pretty ugly… Wanna see how can it look the best; checkout

Then, HTML requires too much work to update. Pull from a repo or get lost with local html files, make the update, push it back, pain in the neck to find where is that certain element when the page goes long, blogging is a big issue, don’t forget to push it back at the end…

Ugh! And WP. A lot of security issues, not many free hosting options. And when WordPress got to this stupid Gutenberg update on 5th version, everything stopped working. Well, now I’m getting used to it as many themes and plugins are better working with it.

So, finally, right after fiddling with content generators and the amount of setup you actually need to do even thou they claim the opposite… I got back to WordPress. I even got hosting for it! Wanna send me some quick bucks, get yours from Bluehost with my referral link:

I am thinking of starting another blog on how to do all these for free, what do you think, is this a good time to show people how to do ALL these for free, including the designs, hosting, building, and even promoting your website? That could be fun right?

Back to the personal & professional side… What I saw while trying to find good free hosting for WordPress was actually pretty surprising. I had to register to a lot of different services, and they had so many glitches. Functional ones, grammar errors, typos, deadlinks… And I actually am OK after I see some features on and how their product managers got away with it. Maybe, I should start listing these faulty user experiences and share with you here, that might be a good start in making this a Professional Blog. Don’t you think?

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