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Weareable Bass. Hell Yeas!!

I can’t express how much love I have for bass. I might be getting old, but my music is declared as “noise” through generations. I’m not talking about heavy metal, no. I’m talking about repetitive beats, sexy female vocals, almost identical songs, and many more characteristics. Techno music, and trance, if possible!

You know those modded cars with sound systems that makes thin-haired girls hair go wild? They drive by the neighborhood and you hear a muffling noise from a distance, and then your windows starts to shake to the distant rhythm? Think about that absurd system right on your chair!

While you’re having hard time envisioning how practical it would be, let me step back and tell you about my Bose speakers. One of my old colleagues announced, “if any of you want this, take it!” And being the hoarder of the office, I claimed it first 😀 That’s a decent 2.1 system with the subwoofer. Bringing it home (as I already have the ION Tailgater at the office), I was excited to amp up my gaming and music experience at home.

It was useless. The subwoofer is too intense that even with the lowest levels, if there’s any bass in the audio, my apartment complex would feel it with me. I had to edit my EQ to lower power in low-end frequencies. So, I have the power, but I don’t have control over it.

Figured, my car would be the great location to blast music to the limits. I am usually driving on a parkway, or a highway, isolated, flowing between engine noises. Do I have premium audio on my ‘Stang? Yes. Is it enough? No…

Quick solution, put the ION Tailgater to the back seat and enjoy extra bass while the battery lasts. Awesome, but too heavy on my ears as well. Unfortunately the EQ of that speaker is not good, and only works for one specific source. Then, I pushed the speaker to the back of my chair, blocking the excessive sound, but keeping the bass close to me. It worked, a bit.

Now, we’re at home, working from home, socially distancing ourselves from any other potential covid-carrier… But I want my music. I’m no longer driving 2 hours a day to enjoy my freakingly high volume music. What could we do? I wish there is a small form-factor solution to this.

Well, there is! Subpac is a start-up from the west coast and these weirdoes exactly do that. My Subpac S2 is thin enough to be placed on the seat, right between you and the back of the seat. You lean to it, feeling the bass from the front row! And. it. is. so. powerful.

I need to admit, there are too many cables included in the equation, but the outcome is unbelievable. The first impression is somewhere between sitting on a massage chair and leaning against a vibrator. Then with the right music, the beat starts to get in sync with your brain. After a quick minute, when you close your eyes, now you’re in the center of a club, with giant a** speakers around you.

Overall, I couldn’t find the right spot to place it so I cannot use it for prolonged time. And it’s definitely an unnecessary toy unless you’re an audiophile or really into weird gadgets. However, if you like to enjoy a club environment without making the house shake, this is a great investment for you! At the cost of a nice headset, I think you will enjoy this addition to your personal music space.

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